Borrow a Christiania bike for free!
Updated the 26th of September 2015

You can borrow a Christiania cargo bike for free at different places in Copenhagen.
Christianshavns Beboerhus (You need to call – see phone number below in the article)
Miljøpunkt Amager (You need to call – see phone number below in the article)
There are some differences from place to place on how to borrow it. Read the details below.

Miljøpunkt Indre by & Christianshavn

At Christianshavns Beboerhus you can borrow a Christiania bike for one day at a time. You need to call them, to check on availability by calling them at 32 57 88 18.

Miljøpunkt Amager

As the only place we have found so far, you need put a deposit when borrowing a bike here.
You can book by phone, or come by their office. Call them at 82325810.
The deposit varies depending on the bike: They have a standard Christiania bike, which costs DKK 200 in deposit, which you will get back when you return the bike. They also have a Electric Christiania bike (Bullit), which requires DKK 500 in deposit, plus you need to show photo ID (Drivers license, passport, residence card with picture on etc.).

Valby Lokaludvalg

Valby Lokaludvalg also have free lending of Christiania bike if you live in Valby. The Christiania bike can be booked at no more than 5 days at a time and it is only possible to have 3 active bookings at a time.

NOTE: You can only book a bike for pickup/delivery on weekdays between 9.00-16.00. If the bike will be used in a weekend, it must therefore be booked and be picked up no later than Friday before 16:00, and delivered again Monday.

Cargo bikes can be borrowed under the following conditions:

“The Christiania bike will be handed over on presentation of valid photo id.
“The bike is the user’s responsibility during the entire loan period. Borrower is responsible for theft, vandalism, road accidents or the like. The bike must be returned in the same condition as when it was received by the borrower.
Loans of cargo bikes is free, but it is assumed that the borrower is a resident of Valby or otherwise has a fixed attachment to the district.
The bike may not be loaned to any third party.
The bike is handed over together with 1 key for each of the two locks, and it is user’s responsibility to ensure safe locking of cargo bikes whenever it is parked.
If the bike is borrowed for a period, which also includes evening and night it is the user’s responsibility to lock it to fixed equipment in a cargo bikes locked back-yard or the like.
Borrower must be at least 18 years of age.
If the bike is not returned within the agreed time you need to pay a fee of DKK 200, per day.
The bike can be picked up and delivered at Valby Kulturhus, Valgårdsvej 4-8.

To book the bike, go to their website, scroll down to the calendar, click the relevante date(s), fill in the form, and press send. Remember to write the full collect and return time, e.g. 9.00 – 13.00. You will receive a confirmation email when your booking is accepted.

Happy Christiania Bike-riding!



Tania Gisele Godoy


  1. Patrick    

    If you are a resident in Valby, you can also borrow one here.

    1. Christian Jørgensen    

      Thanks Patrick! We have added it to the list, and updated the full list, so we only have the currently available options now.

  2. Lama Juma    

    Hi Tania

    Please add to the post that we only have 1 bike and that it’s a cargo bike. It has no seats, rain cover or electricity. We’re open on weekdays from 9 am – 3 pm. The free service is for citizens living at Østerbro.

    Our focus is making sure citizens in our neighbourhood can move heavy things around without having a car, and that they can try a cargo bike before making up their mind if they wish to buy one for their daily life/family. A lot of students and exchange students move around often, and it’s important that they have access to the bike, and that families who consider selling the car and using the bike for daily shopping etc. can give it a try 🙂

    Tourists usually have a budget for travelling and can rent a bike in many different places, but we get many requests for the summer from tourists, and they come through this site. So we hope it can be made clearer, so we don’t waste their time and we can spend less time saying a lot of ‘no’s to hopeful cyclists.

    Best wishes, Lama from Miljøpunkt Østerbro

  3. Rama Seth    

    Where can I borrow one if I am living in 1052 Kobenhaven K?

  4. Asta    

    I would like to rent a christiania bike with baby seat on 15/06/21. Someone can help us?we living in Valby

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