It can be a little tough to find your way through the Copenhagen market for rooms and apartments, so we have made a compilation of websites and Facebook groups where you can look. Some of them you have to pay for, others are free.

Agencies has received good feedback in one of the Danish Expat groups.

Companies renting out apartments

Datea – unfortunately, the site is only in Danish. Scroll down the list to see the cheaper ones. No cost of signing up for their waiting list. We get offered quite a few per week, but in the more pricey range.

Sites With a Fee

In these websites you have to pay to contact the landlord:

The Free Sites

On these websites you can contact the landlord without paying:

Facebook Groups

In the Facebook groups a lot of people publish available rooms / apartments or you can also publish what are you looking for. It is a good way to find a place and (of course) it is not necessary to pay to get the contact details. Find the groups here:


Tania Gisele Godoy


  1. Priscila    

    ¡Qué bueno que al fin alguien nos guíe en CPH! Muchas gracias a los autores. Que linda iniciativa. 🙂

  2. Timson is also a useful site for expats and international students.

  3. Lina is also a very good site! Me and my spouse found our apartment there.

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