In Copenhagen we have different grocery stores. And as you probably have found out, they differ a lot.

Here is a quick overview of the different grocery store chains we have in Copenhagen:

Budget Grocery Stores

The cheap budget stores normally have a limited range of products.


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Netto is pretty cheap. The selection of products depends a lot on the size of the specific Netto, but in general absolutely a good budget store.


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Fakta is okay. Personally we prefer Netto, but we have Fakta just around the corner, so that is where we go normally. Pretty limited selection, but again depending on the size of the store.


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Aldi is a seriously depressing store, but cheaper than Netto and Fakta. A lot of German products – try their sausage and beer selection. Germans are excellent in those two areas.


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Lidl is a newcomer to the Danish market. They are somewhere between Aldi and Netto – slightly depressing, but they have a lot broader product range. Lidl is a good choice if you are low on money.

Medium to High Priced Grocery Stores

The medium to high priced grocery stores have all that stuff you can’t find in the budget stores. So if you are looking for some specialities, more products or just some better food, check out these stores.


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Superbrugsen is a good store. They have a great selection of products, normally an in store butcher and good service. Go here to find better meat than in Fakta (at the same price in most cases), wider wine selection and a lot more vegetables.


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Føtex got a wide selection of everything from food products to clothing, electronics, books, household products and more. It is a little expensive to buy food products in Føtex, but if you are missing something for the kitchen, a cable for your phone etc. then it is a good place to go.


In Copenhagen, we only have one Bilka, and it is situated in the shopping mall called Fields. Fields is located right next to Ørestad station, and can be reached by the metro towards Vestamager. See the address here.

Bilka is a huge store. It has basically everything you could possible need. It is like the Danish version of Walmart. Food, electronics, clothes, garden, outdoor, kitchen equipment and so on. They got it all. Food-wise they are above average in price, but like Føtex, it is a great store if you need other things than food.



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Irma is personally my favourite store, but it is also the store I know can make me go bankrupt! They’ve only got the good stuff here. The best in meat, vegetables, wine and other food products. Go here to get the good pesto, the nice olives, the Gastrik for your gravy or the nice steak. But be ready to pay 50% or more for it, but it is worth it.


Torvehallerne is located right next to Nørreport station. See address and opening hours here.

Torvehallerne is not one single store, but a variety of different food stores. Warning: You will be tempted, and it is not everything that is cheap. Torvehallerne is a mix between the local farmers market, the high end chocolate producers and some really nice butcher and fish stores. We go there once in a while to buy vegetables, and maybe some beef or fish. They also have a great store for spices.

Happy shopping! 🙂


Tania Gisele Godoy


  1. Hendra    

    Lol, what you mean by depressing? Aldi and Lidl are OK. Lidl even sometimes have excellent options. Both have premium bands if you want to go for higher quality and price.

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