So you’re moving to Denmark, or you have already arrived, and you’re trying to find your way through the jungle of different phone companies?

Well, look no further – we have found the two best ones for you! Both of them have a great balance between low prices, great coverage and both are with 4G coverage. Your path to getting your own phone number in Denmark is short:

CBB Mobile

CBB is a well-known phone company, winning the award for best customer service year after year.
They are definitely are favourite of all the phone companies in Denmark.
They have different packages, starting from DKK 69 per month for 4 hours of national calls and 1 GB data.
If you’re more data-hungry, the next package is 10 hours of national calls and 30 GB of data for just DKK 110 per month.
Right now the sign-up fee is just DKK 1 – many other companies charge a lot more than that. All packages are with 4G and with free Facebook data.
Check out CBB Mobiles different packages here.


Oister is a newer player on the phone carrier market in Denmark. They are probably the cheapest ones available on the market, but you also get slightly worse cell phone coverage.
The smallest package is 4 hours of national calls and 2 GB of data for DKK 59 per month, on the 4G network. The slightly bigger data package includes 8 hours of national calls and 8 GB of data for DKK 89 per month.
Check out the Oister’s different packages here.



Tania Gisele Godoy

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