So you want to go out in the Copenhagen nightlife, but haven’t got that many money left on your bank account? Read on and you will see how you can get some massive discounts, and still go to the nice places.

In most of Denmark you can use the app called Drinkster, where you can buy drinks, cocktails, shots, bottles etc. with a 50-80% discount. You pre-order the drinks with the app and then you use the code at the bar. To get access to the discounts, first download the app:
Drinkster iPhone app
Drinkster Android app

The thing with Drinkster is that the owners of the bars want people to show up early when they normally don’t have many customers, so be aware that 90% of the offers have a time limitation, meaning that you need to use the code before e.g. 22 or 23 in the evening. You can read the restrictions in the app.

You can filter the bars based on location, type of bar (drinks, cocktails etc), relaxed versus crazy party and so on, so it is pretty nice. We use it a lot, especially for Bar 7, which is a nice cocktail bar. If you go there, show up at 19.30-20.00 The closer you get to 22.00 where the offer is no longer available, the more crowded it will become.

Try it out, and go out and have fun without going bankrupt! 🙂


Tania Gisele Godoy

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