Finding an interesting job in Copenhagen can be a bit of a challenge. Especially because a lot of jobs require fluent Danish, which is not really an option unless you have studied Danish for a couple of years. Luckily there is still plenty of jobs in English, so don’t lose hope 🙂

We have collected a list of different job websites for you.

CPHFTW – Copenhagen For The Win

CPHFTW is a great new upcoming organization for tech startups in Copenhagen. A lot of the Danish startups are born global, so Danish is not a requirement for most positions. Check out the jobs here.

Jobindex is the biggest index of jobs in Denmark, so it is definitely worth a try. Jobindex indexes a lot of other websites, so it is the main site for most Danes. The website is only in Danish – you can choose English, but it is just a small section of the website. Google Translate will help you out :-). So go and create a profile, put in some keywords for job types you are looking for, upload your CV and put it online. Sign up for their email alerts so you know when there is a new job matching your profile.
Tip: If you write the word “you” when you are searching for a job you will primarily get job ads in English.

Jobnet is a government job site, so there will be a lot of jobs in the public sector. Since Jobnet is free to use for employers, you will sometimes find jobs here which are not advertised in other places.


If you have skills within IT, web design, personal assistant, coding, marketing and much more, then you can use Elance. You work as a freelancer, and negotiate your price directly with the client. Because of the way Elance is set up, you are sure to get your money, so no worries, as long as you don’t accept payment outside of Elance. Check out Elance here.

A lot of English speaking jobs, so definitely worth a try as well. Find both permanent positions and time-limited positions here. Find it here.

Same concept as Elance. See the site here.

LinkedIn Job

Too few people use LinkedIn’s job section, but actually there is a lot of interesting jobs being posted there, especially since it is so expensive to put up job ads on the bigger jobsites in Denmark. Find LinkedIn Jobs here.


Graduateland is focused on student jobs, internships, graduate programmes and full time jobs for people who have recently finished their education. Graduateland indexes the job sites of the universities so it is a good place to look. Find Graduateland here.

Copenhagen University Job site

Here you will find student jobs, Ph.d. jobs, internships and full-time positions. Find the site here.

The site is similar to Jobindex, with a lot of different jobs. Unfortunately the site is only in Danish, but English-speaking positions can be advertised for here anyway. Find it here.


Adecco is a recruiting company, offering both permanent positions and “vikar” positions, which is short-term temporary jobs. Their registration system is not pretty, but they have managed to make it in English (change language in the top right corner). Go and upload your CV and what you are looking for, but don’t have too high expectations. Find their site here.


Same concept as Adecco, full-time and temporary positions. Registration is only in Danish, so you will need a bit of Google translate for this one. Find the site here. is created by by the government, the unions and other trusted organizations. The concept is a little different than the other job sites, because it matches your profile (connect with LinkedIn) and shows you which job types others with your profile have. So it could be a good place to start if you are a little lost about the direction of your career. The site is in Danish. Find the site here.

This job website is for jobs at restaurants, catering companies, cafe’s and so on. Find the jobs here.

A few things to remember

Looking for a job in Copenhagen is a full-time job, and you need to act fast to positions being published, Don’t apply last minute, check for spelling errors and keep your LinkedIn profile updated.

Happy job hunting!


Tania Gisele Godoy


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